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We’re building a scrappy, take-no-prisoners political talk podcast focused on the Pacific Northwest!

Washington State is a deeply blue at first glance, but we’ve got some weird things happening – for example, did you know that Washington State’s tax code punishes the poor more than almost any other state in the whole country? We have the most regressive tax system in the nation. Poor families pay a much higher percentage of their income in taxes than the richest man alive (Jeff Bezos, a Washington resident) pays. That’s wrong.

Our democracy is teetering on the brink of a legitimacy crisis. We jail more people than any other nation. We have over 16 million children living below the poverty line. Millions of Americans still can’t get the health care we all deserve, but our most profitable corporations keep getting tax cuts?!?!? ENOUGH! Investments in the rich, ignoring the needy… this isn’t the kind of country we wish to live in. You?

Assist us in continuing our search for reasonable solutions to the actual problems facing our local, state, and federal communities. Help keep progressive voices active in our modern media landscape. We want to continue delivering great progressive content, and to do that, we need your support.

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