Let’s dump Manweller, support Sylvia Hammond!

In episode two (and in our first blog entry), we discussed many of the terrific women candidates running for office in Pierce County.

We wanted to add one more name here, and discuss quickly the dynamics of the race.

Democrat Sylvia Hammond is running against Republican schmuck Matt Manweller out in the 13th Legislative District. The 13th covers Lincoln and Kittitas Counties and part of Grant and Yakima Counties including Roslyn, Cle Elum, Ellensburg, Mattawa, Moses Lake, Quincy, Ephrata, Warden and Odessa.

Sylvia Hammond is running for State Rep. in the 13th LD.

Matt Manweller is a catastrophe who should be voted out of office. See below for details of Manweller’s disgusting behavior

Manweller has a well documented history of targeting and grooming young women. He has, as of this posting, refused to resign despite the many credible accusations against him, despite his caucus over the weekend asking him for his resignation, and despite the fact that he was fired from his tenured professorship at Central Washington University for, among other accusations, offering female students good grades in exchange for sex.

Of course Rep. Manweller has done all the things creeps like him do when people finally find out who and what they really are.

He has denied credible claims, asserted that CWU’s investigation was political in nature and therefore not to be believed, minimized his victims’ accounts, and threatened his victims with reprisals.

Apparently, Rep. Manweller is going to make a statement about all this tomorrow, September 24th. We are pretty sure he will remain defiant, but we remain hopeful he will realize that he can no longer lead the people of the 13th LD.

Whatever happens, if you have the means to support Sylvia Hammond, a Democrat running for that seat, please do so.

If Matt Manweller isn’t employable by our public universities because of his terrible, creepy behavior towards the young women he’s charged with teaching, then he shouldn’t be employable in our state legislature either.

Here’s a look at some of the things that should make Matt Manweller unelectable. 

Rep. Matt Manweller accused of underage relationship with former student

House Republicans ask Rep. Manweller to resign after former student alleges underage relationship

CWU report finds ‘pattern of unprofessional conduct’ from Rep. Matt Manweller in firing him

Ex-wife, former high school student of GOP lawmaker now calls relationship ‘inappropriate’

Sylvia Hammond contact:


Sylvia Hammond for Rep